Translation of horse into French

The corresponding French words are:
blanche, bourrin, cheval, cheval d'arçons, de cheval, hippique, roussin

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Equus caballus
H, boar, buck, cock, diacetyl morphine, dog, drake, entire horse, gander, hard drug, hart, heroin, junk, long horse, pommel horse, sawbuck, sawhorse, scag, shit, side horse, smack, stag, stallion, trestle, vaulting horse
artillery, cavalry, dragoon, horse artillery, horse cavalry, hussar, infantry, light horse, mounted rifles, soldiery, troops, uhlan, voltigeur
bangtail, pacer, pony, post horse, poster, race horse, racehorse
charger, hack, jade, mount, nag, palfrey, remount, riding horse, saddle horse, steed
chess piece, chessman, knight
cob, harness horse
dawn horse, eohippus
equid, equine
exerciser, gymnastic apparatus
female horse, mare
liver chestnut
polo pony
stable companion, stablemate
wild horse

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